DT Research Rugged Tablets for Public Safety

DT Research Tablet

Professionals working in law enforcement, fire and rescue, EMS, and public works agencies often require real-time data, remote access to intelligence reports, the ability to accurately and rapidly capture critical data in the field, and the connectivity to communicate between central headquarters and on-the-move mobile units. DT Research rugged tablets are safe, secure, and reliable, allowing users to take advantage of simple input and one-hand operation, versatility and durability, data transfer and access, security protocol adherence, and more. DT Research Rugged Tablets feature the integration of sunlight readable touchscreens and high performance processing in slim, lightweight and durable housings. These rugged tablets offer optional wireless communication including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband to keep public safety and service worker connected when they are on the go. Optional data capture modules include cameras, magnetic stripe readers (MSR), barcode scanners, and RFID and SmartCard readers to accurately capture data in the field. These rugged tablets are water and shock resistant (IP and MIL-STD-810 rated), making them ideal for performance in tough, mission-critical work environments where they are exposed to tough weather conditions, vibration, dust, and drops.

DT Research's featured rugged computers for public safety workers include:

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