DT Research Rugged Tablets for Healthcare

DT Research Medical Tablet

DT Research medical tablets for healthcare working environments integrate large, highly sensitive touch screens and high performance yet energy-efficient processors. The wireless, compact, lightweight and ruggedized design offers true mobility to users. DT Research healthcare tablets feature an anti-microbial enclosure that is easy to clean and bacteria resistant. Optional data capture modules include cameras, magnetic stripe readers (MSR), barcode scanners, and RFID and SmartCard readers offer health professionals effective tools to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information. DT research rugged tablets offer optional wireless communication including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband for real-time data access and transmission, anytime and anywhere. A variety of accessories are available for flexible placement, portability, and charging of the DT Research medical tablets.

DT Research's featured rugged tablets for healthcare applications include:

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